Is your workplace toxic?

With more and more reports surfacing about toxic workplace cultures, there is more at stake than simply employee retention. Businesses need to consider their reputations and take action to nip toxic behaviour in the bud as the subject of toxic workplace culture comes under the spotlight.  Many businesses are finding that they have to take significant steps to ensure their business culture stands up to scrutiny.

The main avenue of complaints in this area is via the employment tribunal where damages in connection with discrimination claims are uncapped and as such can lead to considerable financial awards being made.  In the current climate, questions in this area may become more far reaching and companies need to have safeguards in place to ensure the value of the business itself is not affected by workplace culture issues.

There are a number of internal steps businesses should take in this respect. These may include:


  • Drawing up codes of conduct which set out a business’s core values and set standards on the type of behaviour it expects within its workplace and the implications for those who breach the code.
  • Carrying out staff surveys can help a business understand whether there are issues within pockets of the business or if they are more widespread.
  • Examining whistleblowing policies. Many employers are looking for ways to drive more effective whistleblowing reporting, and to ensure that staff are aware of how they might do this. A well drafted procedure, accompanied by regular trainings to managers, will help enable employers to investigate and deal properly and sensitively with allegations of wrongdoing.


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