Workload revealed as top contributing factor for absence in 2021.

Workload pressures, including tight deadlines, too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support, was the main cause of reported stress, depression and anxiety for 2021.

According to new data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the number of people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety stayed the same overall compared to 2019/20 (down just 0.17% in 2020/21), yet the number of new cases rose by 30% over the year, now affecting 451 thousand people nationwide.

The figures confirm that stress at work is not reducing, and employers may find it helpful to undertake a stress risk assessment in the workplace to determine if this is an issue for them.  Furthermore, ensuring that managers are effectively trained is important – if employees report that they are struggling at work the manager must be able to objectively respond, assessing workload, providing support and if necessary, implementing development plans.  This is an area where 121 HR Solutions can support businesses, either with a stress risk assessment or with management training. Contact us on for further information.

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