Employees struggle to build relationships whilst working from home

A recent survey of 2,500 UK workers found that two thirds of workers felt they struggled to build new relationships and friendships whilst they worked from home. This is important for employers, as relationships within the workplace are often at the core of workplace practices so where employees struggle to form relationships there may be a detrimental impact on the business.


What should employers do?


Employers are now being encouraged to put workplace relationships at the forefront of their agenda. Detailed below are some examples of what you can do as an employer to help employees build strong relationships whilst working remotely:


  • Schedule regular weekly team catch ups
  • Schedule team and individual catch ups which are not work-focused
  • Promote discussion forums amongst employees within different departments
  • Organise company-wide activities
  • Provide the opportunity for in person team activities or meetings and if possible arrange face to face set ups.
  • Prioritise flexible working and a hybrid approach where possible


By taking onboard even a few of these suggestions, you can help to prevent social isolation for your employees and encourage a sense of belonging in the workplace culture.

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