Do your mangers get the best out of their Gen Z employees?

Much has been written about the young generation of employees referred to as “Gen Z” and managers are having to get to grips with how best to manage this employee. A recent report has highlighted how Gen Z’s shifting attitudes to work culture is presenting challenges for managers.


Examples highlighted by the report include an incident at a retail business where “managers were distressed to encounter young employees who wanted paid time off when coping with anxiety or period cramps”. Another incident at a separate firm reportedly involved a Gen Z worker questioning “why she would be expected to clock in for a standard eight-hour day when she might get through her to-do list by the afternoon.”


For managers to be able to communicate and motivate their Gen Z employees, they will have to try to see the world through their eyes – considering how they can make the role as flexible as possible, offering an opportunity to work at times to suit the employee, rather than a traditional 9-5 office-based job.  This generation is familiar with multi-tasking and is not tied to the traditional office etiquette that might prevail for managers familiar with having to work long hours, undertake menial tasks and wait for the opportunity to arise. The Gen Z is hungry for success now and is not likely to be cowed by someone with a senior job title.


What they will bring to the business is the ability to exploit tech and a refreshing ideology of working to live, rather than living to work.   It is worth considering having an early discussion at the point of induction to try to understand the mindset of your Gen Z employee and trying to find ways to make the working environment attractive, as a means of optimising motivation.


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