Majority of UK employees unable to take sick days

More than half of UK full-time employees did not take a single sick day in the 12 months since February 2021.In an effort to avoid causing delays to projects, and adding to workloads, it is thought that employees with genuine illnesses will try to push through in the belief they’re making an effective contribution.  This trend is more likely common in the hybrid working environment as there’s no real physical barrier for staff choosing to log on and face the day.

Similarly, more than six in 10 employees said they had not taken their full annual leave allowance last year.  While many employees have carried over annual leave from the pandemic as allowed by law, some may be holding back from taking time off because they feel unable to or want to prove their worth.

When it comes to annual leave, people managers and leaders can play a key role in encouraging employees to disconnect and take a proper break.  Employers need their team to be effective and engaged, and you can’t achieve that if employees are always online and feel as if they are expected to work.

Businesses need to encourage people to take breaks, ensure that they take holidays and promote wellbeing.   Should you have any questions on absence concerns in your business, contact 121 HR Solutions on 0800 9995 121 to discuss.

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