Are professional qualifications perceived as valuable?

A recent survey has revealed that a third of employees do not see the value in studying for professional qualifications as they are not worth the effort. In comparison, two-thirds were confident that such studies were worth the effort, while half said they believed their level of qualification enabled them to get the role that they wanted.

Similarly, nearly a fifth of respondents said that a lack of qualifications were preventing them from getting the role they wanted, while 33% said their level of qualification was “irrelevant” to them getting a job. When asked about their preferred way of learning, a third of respondents to the survey cited learning on the job, with 29% saying they preferred learning through dedicated courses.

Only 11% said their preferred method of learning was through professional industry qualifications, and just 10% said via industry publications or social media. Businesses need to ensure that learning provisions to their most valuable asset in their business, their people,  “can’t afford to be generic”, and that training needed to be relevant to employee’s work. Those studying need real-world examples as to how what they learn is applicable to their day-to-day work.

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