Are meetings in your workplace worthwhile?

Employees across the UK are spending too much time on menial tasks such as sending emails, updating the status of tasks and having unnecessary meetings.

Research has shown that 61% of employees think they spend too much time doing ‘work about work’. In 2021 an estimated 134 hours were spent in avoidable meetings and calls.  Another 107 hours were spent redoing work last year.  Over half of the employees surveyed admitted to multitasking during virtual meetings, suggesting that meetings were distracting from important work.

Over a third of those surveyed said they spent more time on emails compared to 12 months ago. In order to combat these trends, managers should prioritise encouraging teams to share updates rather than defaulting to meetings as a catch-all for team alignment.

Employers must also set clear guidelines on what constitutes a meeting and set clear parameters to ensure that meetings are timely; efficient and productive. By providing training on how to run a meeting effectively and efficiently when it is genuinely required, everyone will have a benchmark to follow.

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