Asda in the spotlight again due to equal pay!

Asda has again been accused of ‘exploiting and undervaluing’ female workers by paying them less than some male colleagues. The GMB union has claimed the supermarket giant is paying thousands of female store staff up to £3 an hour less than their male counterparts working in company warehouses. Asda store staff – who are mostly women – were given a 3.6% pay rise at the start of this month, taking their wage to £9.66 an hour. However, the company’s warehouse workers, who are reportedly mostly male, are still negotiating a significant pay rise, having recently rejected an offered increase of up to 7.5%, which would have raised their pay to at least £11.98 an hour.

GMB insists this disparity will further widen the existing gender pay gap.


Last year thousands of the supermarket’s workers won a major legal battle when The Supreme Court ruled that lower-paid store staff, who are mostly female, can compare themselves with higher-paid warehouse workers, who are mostly male. A spokesperson for Asda commented that retail and distribution are separate and distinct market sectors and the demands of jobs in stores and depots are very different.


More than 5,000 UK employers have published gender pay gap figures for the 2021-22 reporting year and of those, 77% of organisations pay male employees more than female employees. Only one in seven pay women more, and only one in 10 reports having no pay gap.


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