Managing Poor Performance

On Wednesday 25 May 2022 we are poised and ready with a full day workshop on Managing Poor Performance.

Did you know?!

Not having enough evidence of an employee’s poor performance can leave you vulnerable to claims. It’s vital that you carefully document the outcomes of all formal reviews and do not give someone a fantastic rating if, in fact, there are serious shortcoming and concerns about their performance.

These types of documents may be needed if you decide to later dismiss the employee or select them for redundancy because their performance is poorer than their colleagues. An employee may challenge you, arguing that the real reason for dismissal is not actually performance, but to conceal another reason, for example whistleblowing or discrimination!

In this workshop you will learn the most common reasons for underperformance, whilst making the link between performance and motivation and using your own leadership and coaching style to make changes to get the most from under performers.

Delegates will learn the following.

  • Understand what constitutes poor performance
  • Understand how to evidence the necessary skills & attributes in the role when evaluating performance
  • Gain the key skills to provide two-way feedback
  • Understand the legal and best practice context for dealing with poor performance
  • Learn how to effect changed performance and use gained knowledge to drive improvement
  • Deal confidently with the consequences of poor performance

Our workshops take place in a Glasgow City Centre location starting at 10am until 4pm

If you would like to reserve any places, please contact

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