Are you considering a four day working week?

A recent report revealed that employers have implemented shorter week collectively saving more than £100bn through improved productivity and lower running costs.


Two-thirds of UK businesses are implementing a four-day working week for at least some of their employees, research has found, and that firms are saving money while doing so. The research estimated that businesses were saving a total of £104bn through improvements to productivity and wellbeing and lower running costs by offering a four-day week while still paying staff a full salary.


Of the employers that were already offering a reduced week, 66% said they had been able to reduce costs, while 64% said that the quality of work being produced was maintained or improved. Employers also said their workforce were less stressed, happier and that they were spending more time developing their skills.


Additionally, more than two-thirds of businesses said they were better able to attract and retain older employees, while a similar percentage said they found it easier to attract younger workers.


Businesses are being encouraged to explore a range of flexible working options from hours and days worked to working locations, so everyone can benefit from more flexibility and choice.


Should you be looking to implement changes to your terms and conditions of employment, contact 121 HR Solutions on 0800 9995 121 to ensure you fully consult with your employees.

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