Sacked for taking day off for pregnant girlfriend’s baby scan

A factory worker who was dismissed for taking a day off for his pregnant partner’s emergency scan, has been awarded more than £8,000 in compensation. The claimant had tried to book the day off from his role as soon as he found out about the appointment, but he was told by his line manager “Can you f*** have Monday off.”

The claimant then asked if he could swap a pre-booked holiday, before trying to book it off as dependent leave as he needed to look after a six-year-old child while his partner was in hospital.

When the online booking system didn’t work, he cancelled his holiday requests and sent another request for unpaid leave and received no response.

Having taken the time, he was invited to a disciplinary hearing for ‘failure to follow procedure with regards to holiday request’, ‘unauthorised absence’ and ‘insubordination’.

However, he was told that disciplinary action would not be pursued and ‘we can put this down to a lack of clarity on both sides and a misunderstanding between us’. He was then dismissed when he tried to book paternity leave. The judge found almost all aspects of the procedure to be flawed, stating that had the matter been sufficiently serious, it would have been correctly investigated. The claimant was awarded over £8,000 in compensation.

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