Managing Difficult Conversations – Thursday 28 July 2022

Tough challenges aren’t going away. But they’re often very difficult to talk about — leaving you anxious, unsure, frustrated, or angry.

What can be done? To deal effectively with awkward, tense, or challenging conversations, we first need to understand the common mistakes we make — and then take steps to tackle the difficult conversation.

Many managers will find that during some point in their role as manager, they will be involved in handling a difficult situation which has led to or could lead to conflict – whether it’s a dispute over salary, tension between employees, or having to deliver bad news; unfortunately, conflict at work is inevitable.

Our workshop will cover:

  • Understanding conflict and its impact on the workplace
  • Establishing techniques to build effective workplace relationships
  • Building skills and techniques to confidently manage difficult situation
  • Understanding what a difficult conversation is and when to have it.
  • Coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Support to reduce the effects of disputes in your team and therefore build a more effective team.

Our workshops take place in a Glasgow City Centre location starting at 10am until 4pm at the cost of £175 per delegate.

If you would like to reserve any places, please contact


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