Vegan employee wins whistleblowing claim

A subway employee who was sacked after blowing the whistle after being bullied by her manager, has won £13,000 in an employment tribunal.


The actions of her line manager were judged to have been in breach of the Equality Act. He employee was a vegan but also suffered from allergies and had to carry an epi-pen. She reportedly made various complaints about her manager’s actions, including claims that he served vegan customers dairy cheese when they ran out of a plant-based version. It was also alleged that he ignored Covid safety rules and told a worker to come into work despite them being required to self-isolate by law at the time, having come into contact with someone who had tested positive.

It was further alleged that the manager made jokes about the employee’s vegan beliefs, going so far as to wave meat products in her face.


The employee reported her manager to Environmental Health over concerns about the running of the restaurant, including claims that out-of-date products were served.

After an HSE hygiene inspection the manager became suspicious about who had raised the alarm and dismissed the employee, having been being told that she had not passed her probationary period.


The tribunal concluded that the reason for the dismissal was the whistleblowing.


Protection for UK whistleblowers is provided under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA, part of the Employment Rights Act 1996. The legislation protects employees and workers who blow the whistle about wrongdoing.


Employees who make “protected disclosures” under the Disclosure Act can claim unfair dismissal if their contracts are terminated as a result of their whistleblowing.

The employee was awarded 12,636.40 in compensation

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