Age discrimination at Superdry cost nearly £100,000

A claimant has won nearly £100,000 for age discrimination at the employment tribunal. The Superdry designer was denied multiple chances at career progression in favour of less experienced colleagues, because as a woman in her 50s, she was regarded as a ‘low flight risk’ and was expected to stay in the company, regardless of how she was treated.


However the employee claimed that the “recruitment, promotion and recognition of other (younger) individuals… undermined [her] standing within Superdry’s design team”.

By the time the claimant resigned, she had felt so much frustration and emotional stress that she decided that “enough was enough”, describing her treatment as humiliating and degrading.

The employment judge concluded: “We find that the decision makers… decided not to promote (the employee) and to subject her to an over-demanding workload with little or no real assistance, because she was an excellent designer on whom they could rely to create products that would sell well, and because they judged that there was little risk of her leaving the business no matter how she was treated.


It was felt that a significant factor was her age. An employer must not deny an employee promotion because of their age, perceived age, or because of the age of someone they are associated with.


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