Long Covid and the continuing impact

More than 100,000 employees are missing work because they suffer from long Covid, according to a recent study. This is resulting in employees missing out on £1.5bn a year in lost earnings.  According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people in the UK with long Covid hit 2 million earlier this year in May – or 3% of the population.

Long Covid is defined as when a person has not fully recovered from Covid symptoms for several weeks after initially contracting the virus. A recent employment tribunal ruled that the condition could be considered a disability for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010.

At the individual level, the impact of long Covid on labour market activity can be reasonably long lasting – at least three months after infection and perhaps longer.  This could imply significant consequences for some individuals, especially those without savings or a working partner.

Many workers are still missing from work at least three months after infection, due to the persistent nature of the virus. However, by the six-month mark, most have returned to work.

Employers need to be aware and willing to look at reasonable adjustments when managing long covid situations due to potential discrimination claims should no consideration be made. 121 HR Solutions are on hand to discuss tricky situations and help resolve matters with our team of dedicated Consultants on 0800 9995 121.

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