Increased conflict resolution – have you been impacted?

Organisations are experiencing an increase in work place conflict and it seems that numerous factors are contributing to significant increases in demand by organisations for conflict resolution services, particularly mediation. Worryingly, organisations are also experiencing an escalation of formal grievances.


Some of the factors for this relate to the disruption in lives caused by the pandemic, which has put extensive pressure on business owners and managers. This has been compounded by adjustments to new working patterns, Covid fatigue, long Covid, and employee shortages, not to mention the growing pressure on employees due to increases in the cost of living.


Remote and hybrid working don’t lend themselves to the same quality of communication as in-person interactions do which add to the issues being highlighted. There are many advantages to hybrid and remote working, however, organisations need to be aware of how virtual working may impact workplace relationships and look at how employees can be upskilled to effectively and confidently deal with new terrains of working conditions to minimise conflict.


For some, conflict has escalated because communication lacks the nuance and tone of in-person communication; conversations become more formal, transactional, and impersonal, and they lack the empathy needed when people are under pressure.

Virtual communication increases the probability of misinterpretation and misconstruction, which contributes to workplace conflict. In-person interactions allow us to quickly and easily clarify issues and increase our understanding of other people’s perspectives. When we work physically together, we can walk over to someone’s desk to clarify an email that came across as disrespectful or share with a colleague that we feel undervalued at work. Managing a remote team is different to managing an in-person team, and it is paramount that managers learn how to keep remote workers motivated, engaged, and connected when working virtually.

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