How are you engaging your workforce?

Three in five employees feel disengaged from their workplace as organisations struggle to form a post-pandemic work culture in the hybrid world, research has found. The survey of 2,000 white collar professionals, found that the UK could be facing a ‘disengagement crisis’ as almost half of employees said their workplace had become unrecognisable in the past 12 months – with high staff turnover (54%), fewer people working from the office (49%) and a decline in team socials (43%) being the main reasons cited.

In addition, factors including the gloomy economic outlook and the appeal of moving abroad are contributing to employees disconnecting from the workplace, investing less of themselves in their work and opting to simply ‘get the work done’.

The same research also revealed that a disengaged employee was costing their organisation an estimated fifth of their annual salary – for instance, one unengaged worker on an average salary of £35,000 would cost a business £7,000.

It appears that hybrid working world and subsequent decline in office attendance may be having a detrimental impact on employee engagement, and companies should consider how to keep employees engaged and attract and retain the best talent. Much greater focus needs to be given to the wider topic of employee engagement. If not prioritised, culture can result in poor morale, which in turn can slow down progress and motivation.

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