Are your managers trained to manage disciplinary situations?

121 HR Solutions is running workshops during November covering the very important subject of Managing Disciplinary and Grievance Situations.

16th November in Glasgow

17th November in Montrose


This workshop will provide delegates with a full overview of the Code of Practice regarding managing disciplinary and guidance. Delegates will gain confidence in managing this difficult subject by undertaking practical exercises and group discussion.



  • Understand the statutory Disciplinary & Grievance code of conduct.
  • Know how to handle a disciplinary or grievance interview, including documentation and interview techniques.
  • Understand how to handle a subsequent appeal hearing and outcome.
  • Be able to deal with conflict and disharmony within the team and manage staff issues effectively through the disciplinary process.
  • Consider when suspension may be necessary, and the process involved.

Realise the risks of not undertaking a fair and correct process.

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