Phone shop worker awarded £30k compensation over sexual harassment!

An employee was awarded more than £30,000 in compensation after her boss asked her “how lesbians have sex”. She was also asked “what a fag hag was” and told she “Looked like a normal lassie” in a series of conversations with managers at the franchised outlet. She proceeded with legal action on sex and sexual orientation discrimination and harassment after leaving over stress caused by the job.

The employment tribunal heard how the former employee was asked invasive questions and comments were made regarding her personal life. She accused the owner of failing to take any action to “reprimand or stamp out” inappropriate behaviour.

The tribunal upheld her claims, awarding her £25,000 for injury to feelings, £1,100 for financial loss and £2,600 for failure to adhere to the ACAS code of practice.

After raising complaints about the incidents and being signed off sick after only 15 weeks working at the store, she resigned from the position. She told the tribunal: “I don’t feel safe to return to an environment which humiliated me, alienated me, and has made me need to seek counselling.

The employment tribunal agreed that being asked about her sex life was discrimination and she had been harassed because of her gender and sexual orientation.

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