Council finance manager lost unfair dismissal claim after she was sacked for sexually harassing three of her male colleagues

An ‘obsessive’ woman asked for a ‘birthday kiss’ from her boss – who had a girlfriend – and insisted that another married finance worker ‘should be my husband’ and that they would ‘have the cutest babies’.

The Council worker sent the married man sexual innuendos and tried to kiss him as they took a walk, an employment tribunal was told. The local authority fired the woman for sexually harassing the three men – but she then claimed she had been sexually harassed by them. She tried to sue the council and two of the men she targeted, but her ‘malicious and vexatious’ claims have now been thrown out.

The male colleague tried to distance himself, but the ‘jealous’ woman continued to message him, then complained about him speaking to other women at work and claimed he followed one woman into the kitchen. It was heard that the woman targeted her second victim after he became her manager, asking about his relationship status. The third colleague reported her inappropriate behaviour and at this point an investigation was launched which uncovered the repeated predatory behaviour.

The woman was dismissed for gross misconduct and lost her appeal. At the tribunal, she lost claims of unfair and wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, victimisation, and disability and religious discrimination.

Where a well managed investigation has occurred and disciplinary action is taken based on the facts from the investigation, employers should have no fear of the employment tribunal which, in this case, realised that the woman’s claims were entirely vexatious!

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