Want to attract good candidates? Keeping in touch is key!

Nearly three-quarters of jobseekers would abandon an online application if it took 15 minutes or longer to complete, according to a new report which also discovered that almost one in 10 job hunters would consider leaving an application after only five minutes.

The key is to make applications quick and easy to encourage applicants to proceed to completion of the process.  It is also vitally important to remember to send a response, even if this is automated, to all who apply and to keep them in the loop, even if it’s an email to say their application hasn’t been successful.

The report also found over two-thirds of applicants said having a contact who can update them on their individual applications was important. Of those applicants who reported having a bad experience with an employer’s career website, a third attributed this to not having a contact available during the process.  Even if you have decided on a suitable candidate, maintain positive contact with “warm” candidates in case the first choice candidate rejects the job offer – a positive recruitment experience places your business in a positive light!

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