Providing outplacement support can ease the pain of redundancy

Often the beginning of the year heralds changes for employers and may result in consideration of restructuring within the business.  Redundancy doesn’t have to end badly and many employers find ways of helping employees who may be subject to redundancy by using outplacement solutions.

Outplacement support provides support with:

  • creating a CV
  • interview preparation
  • helping in the search for new jobs
  • assistance with interview skills

Whilst there is no legal obligation to provide this support, it can provide valuable practical and emotional support at what is a vulnerable time whilst also helping to create a positive reputation for the employer with both departing and remaining employees.

It is also a means of mitigating risk in that supporting the employee in their search for further employment increases their chances of obtaining it and therefore reduces the chances that the employee will raise a claim against the employer. For any successful claim the award is reduced if the employee has already secured new employment.

Not all businesses have the means internally to provide outplacement support but it does not have to be costly. 121 HR Solutions can provide a range of assistance with outplacement support from providing CVs to assisting with interview practice.

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