Carer’s leave consultation

The Government recently announced its support for the Carer’s Leave Bill which, if passed, will give employees who are also carers a new right to one week’s unpaid leave. It is expected that the new law, if passed, will take effect in April 2024.

Carer’s Leave will be available to eligible employees from the first day of their employment, meaning that people with caring responsibilities will be supported regardless of how long they’ve worked with their employer. Staff will be able to take the leave flexibly to suit their caring responsibilities and will not need to provide evidence of how the leave is used or who it will be used for, ensuring a smoother process for both businesses and their employees.

Employees taking their carer’s leave entitlement will be subject to the same employment protections that are associated with other forms of family related leave, meaning they will be protected from dismissal or any detriment as a result of having taken time off.

It is thought that by making it easier for people to support their loved ones, employers are likely to benefit from less staff turnover and a reduction in recruitment and training costs by retaining employees who previously would have been unable to balance their caring responsibilities and working life.

There are a variety of ways you can support those employees who have caring responsibilities whilst this bill remains in consultation. 121 HR Solutions can offer support to businesses supporting employees with caring needs. Contact us

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