How does your business manage absence?

A sickness absence policy sets out the rules and procedures for managing, recording, and reporting an employee’s absence from work, explaining exactly what’s expected from both the employer and employee.

As an absolute minimum, a sickness policy should include the following:

  • An explanation of the policy’s purpose and scope
  • How to report absences, who the employee should contact and when
  • When the employee needs proof of ill health, and how and when to self-certify
  • How much the employee will be paid and for how long
  • How and when the employer and employee should keep in touch

Absence that is not managed effectively can result in

  • Recurring absences for any employee who has not been adequately supported or managed either during a period of sick leave or on their return to work
  • A demotivated and demoralised workforce
  • A higher staff turnover rate, with the loss of valuable members of staff to long-term sick leave or due to staff feeling unsupported

Please join us for an informative workshop on Absence Management where we look at the issue of sickness absence and how effective procedures can be used to help manage risks and reduce sickness absence.

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