Be aware of interview questions!

A woman has won £4,250 from a Pizza store in an age discrimination dispute, after being asked her age during an interview.

The woman applied for a job as a delivery driver and the first question she was asked during the interview was about her age, and the interviewer wrote the number down on paper before stating ‘she didn’t look it’.  When turned down for the job, the woman believed she was discriminated against due to her age.  She contacted the business to raise her concerns and was told that the panel were unaware that it was inappropriate to ask someone their age during an interview.

With support from the Equality Commission, the woman took her claim to the store owner and he paid out £4,250 and apologised for the incident.

There is clear a lack of education in the workplace which contributes to age discrimination. The fact that the panel were unaware that it is inappropriate to ask someone’s age during an interview shows how far we still have to go in educating managers about age discrimination.

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