4 day week trial hailed a success

Nearly all of the companies that took part in a trial of the four-day working week have decided to keep the policy after finding a strong increase in wellbeing at no cost to productivity. 92% of the organisations that participated in the 4 Day Week Campaign trial have decided to maintain the four-day week, according to results of a recent study.

Across the test group, more than two-thirds of employees reported lower levels of burnout and there was a 65% reduction in the number of sick days taken. Employees were 57% less likely to leave their jobs, and revenues rose by 1.4% across the six-month test.

Implementing the trial in three waves over 12 weeks helped to smooth the transition. The benefits to employees’ work life balance were evident and feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive.  Some businesses have now extended the trial for another six months to track its impact more closely and fine turn the policy to its needs.

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