Management potential in the workplace

Leadership means different things to different people. These include “getting others to follow”, or “getting people to do things willingly” or simply “inspiring and influencing” other people.

Leadership is about motivating and influencing, winning the hearts and minds of others, rather than controlling or commanding.

Identifying those with leadership potential is vital to business success and management development focuses on the performance and potential of leaders and on enhancing management capability throughout the business. Ensuring that those managing others develop a strategic approach and manage their staff in a way which ensures they are clear about what they are there to do and are inspired to do it to the best of their abilities.

Management development should be a career-long process which includes giving things a go and reflecting and learning from experiences.

121 HR Solutions offers a variety of workshops which cover a wide range of managerial areas, these include:

  • Essential Skills for Managers
  • Conducting workplace Investigations
  • Managing Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Managing Absence
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Managing Difficult Conversations

If you would like to find out more, or arrange an inhouse workshop for your team, please contact us at and we can discuss.

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