DiSC profiling to develop teams within the workplace – how can it benefit?

DiSC is a personality assessment tool that is used to improve personal and professional skills such as teamwork, communication and productivity. DiSC profiling allows individuals to build stronger and more effective working relationships.

For more than 30 years DiSC has helped people improve performance, deal effectively with conflict and value differences. The tool recognises that the first step towards change is to understand why we act the way we do. DiSC can assist companies who want to develop a specific team by helping them understand each other better. It can help:

  • Understand why people do the things the way they do. Less judging more understanding.
  • Recognise how you perceive others and how they see you. Be open to feedback.
  • Identify ways to adapt your approach. Improves quality of relationships and communication.
  • Value your own strengths and self-worth. Identify what’s working and not working for you and what you can do to get the results you want.

121 HR Solutions can support businesses by providing an individual DiSC profile of each team member, working with teams to understand the diversity of interpersonal styles in the team, leading to stronger working relationships and a better understanding of each other’s personal style.

For further information on how 121 HR Solutions can deliver DiSC to your business, contact us on 0800 9995 121 to discuss further!

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