Offering development opportunities internally!

It is important that managers make time for growth and development, and the options can appear limited where there are reduced opportunities due to the cost implications of seeking external development.

It is important that businesses look to retain the talent that they have within the business, particularly if there has already been considerable time, dedication and attention provided to employees during their employment.

Managers can have a significant impact on an employee’s development – employees will learn by working on real problems and dilemmas.  Job rotations and cross-functional projects also offer unique opportunities for employees to gain new experiences and skills and broadens their knowledge, promoting collaboration and understanding across the business.

One of the most powerful development options is learning through interaction with others. An employee’s manager has an important role to play in helping their teams develop through coaching and career conversations.

121 HR Solutions can support the development of your managers with inhouse training, specific to your management team – call us on 0800 9995 121 to discuss the options.

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