Want to attract good candidates? Keeping in touch is key!

Nearly three-quarters of jobseekers would abandon an online application if it took 15 minutes or longer to complete, according to a new report which also discovered that almost one in 10 job hunters would consider leaving an application after only five minutes.

The report also found over two-thirds of applicants said having a contact who can update them on their individual applications was important. Of those applicants who reported having a bad experience with an employer’s career website, a third attributed this to not having a contact available during the process.

Most offers of employment are made subject to the receipt of satisfactory references but knowing how much information to divulge can be difficult and increasingly employers are concerned about what to write (or not to write in references). What should employers do if they are not able to provide a glowing reference?

It is mostly assumed that that an employer cannot provide a bad reference. What is important is that the information contained in a reference must be true, accurate and fair.  ACAS has published guidance for employers to assist in providing references. Here are some of those tips:

  • There is no obligation to provide references
  • There is also no obligation to provide details in a
  • An employer can choose or refuse to provide references but it is advisable to apply the same practice for all employees to avoid a possible discrimination claim.

In order to ensure a consistent approach, it is worth considering having a clear policy on providing references and making sure that all managers adhere to it. This can include:

  • The company policy on providing references
  • General rules including who should provide references and guidance on what to include and what not to say.
  • Containing a liability statement in references stating that the employer will not be responsible if the reference is relied upon
  • Guidance relating to confidentiality in the provision of references; and
  • A statement confirming that verbal references should not be provided and that all references should follow the same company procedure.

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