Diversity extends to uniforms, make-up and jewellery

An airline has brought its uniform policy ‘into the 21st century’ by relaxing restrictions on make-up, footwear and jewellery for both male and female crew. Qantas says its new guidelines will allow for male employees to wear makeup and have long hair, and that females no longer have to wear makeup and heels while on duty. Additionally, flat shoes can now be worn instead of heels, and both men and women will be permitted to wear similar jewellery.

Qantas commented that “We’re proud of our diversity, and as well as bringing our guidelines up to date, these changes will make wearing our uniform more comfortable and practical for all of our people, including those with a wide range of body types and those from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

In September 2022, Virgin Atlantic updated its own gender identity policy, giving crew, pilots and ground team the option to choose which of its iconic uniforms best represents them – no matter their gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

Increasingly employers are finding ways to genuinely express their diversity policy – rather than simply having a procedure in a dusty handbook, they are finding ways to encourage all employees to embrace their diversity goals.

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