A pregnant worker saw her own job advertised

An employee was dismissed from her position after she was told that customers had complained about her behaviour. The employee, who was pregnant at the time, was wary of the fact that no evidence was presented to her regarding these customer complaints, and her suspicions were raised further when she discovered that the company had posted a job advertisement to replace her before she had been sacked.

According to the legal proceedings, the employee learned she was pregnant just a fortnight into her employment. She stated that management had promised to discuss maternity arrangements, but the discussions did not take place.

Believing that the business had decided to dismiss her to avoid their maternity obligations, she raised a claim at an employment tribunal, receiving £17,500 in compensation.

It is vital for businesses to understand their obligations when it comes to statutory processes to avoid such litigation. If you would like more information or have any concerns about this subject contact us at enquiries@121hrsolutions.co.uk.

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