Plans afoot to change visa process

Government plans to reform the UK immigration system, including increases to the cost of work visas have been condemned due to concerns about the impact on the UK’s competition for global talent. 

Planned changes include:

  • 15% increase in the number of work and visit visas to be granted
  • Minimum 20% increase on cost of study visa, certificates of sponsorship, citizenship, wider entry clearance, leave to remain and priority visas.
  • New scheme being introduced called ‘sponsor a worker’ which will replace the current certificates of sponsorship.
  • A charge of £1,035 as opposed to current £624 for immigration health surcharge which is paid by visa holders who come to the UK for more than six months.
  • A new ‘sponsor a worker’ scheme to replace certificates of sponsorship system. The maximum fee will be set at £300.
  • Key construction roles of bricklayers, roofers and joiners are in shortage so will be added to the occupation list to lower the barriers for these categories of work.

It is anticipated that the increased fees will create an impact, causing hardship. 

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