Royal Mail whistleblower awarded £2.3m

Royal Mail has been forced to pay a former employee £2.3m in compensation following a tribunal.

The former worker was a media specialist and was bullied, harassed and managed out of the business after raising concerns that a colleague had been given a bonus illegitimately, a Supreme Court judge ruled.

After only one month in the job, the postal worker started to suspect that a member of her team had secured a bonus by breaching company policies. She raised the issue with her manager who reportedly coerced her to retract her statements. It has subsequently emerged that several colleagues were involved in the fraud and were claiming bonuses illegitimately.

Eventually, she was signed off with work-related stress, anxiety and PTSD as a result of the campaign of bullying waged against her, something later said in court has prevented her from working since.

The court battle lasted a long eight years, with Royal Mail being accused by the judge of “destroying” her life. The employee was given £2,365,614.13 in compensation but will only receive £250,000 for the time being as Royal Mail plans to dispute the tribunal’s findings.

This is another example of an employee “whistleblowing” and not being provided with the support and protection to which she was legally entitled after doing so.  When concerns are raised it is imperative that the employee is treated sensitively and that the subject of the raised concern is fully investigated.  If you would like advice relating to whistleblowing or bullying, please contact us on 0800 9995 121.

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