Managing Absence – do you manage it or not?

Absence creates huge issues for businesses – not just in terms of lower productivity, but in terms of cost which cannot be recovered and the time spent on dealing with employees who have high levels of absence.  Increasingly employers want to have robust procedures in place which ensure that staff do not take advantage – but it is important that this is done fairly and consistently.

Our workshop on 6th September in Montrose and 7th September in Glasgow provides delegates with knowledge of the law surrounding absence management and will provide clear strategies to reduce absence at work and an understanding of the implications of getting it wrong.

Recent feedback received from attendance at training has been: ““Another excellent workshop from 121 HR Solutions Ltd.  Solid theory and practical advice, clearly backed up by years of experience.”

The absence workshop will provide:

  • A full explanation of short term and long term absence.
  • How to manage short and long term sickness absence
  • Maintaining contact through absence period and certification required
  • When absence is linked to mental health and how to manage it

To book your place click here: Event Bookings | 121HR Solutions – Glasgow

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