High Street Bakery in Racial Discrimination Case

Three ex-employees of a well-known high street bakery will be awarded compensation after a manager threatened them in a “reprehensible” rage. They had been under investigation over accusations they were taking unauthorised breaks and falsifying their attendance.

The employees said they felt they were being treated differently by their manager during the investigation, due to their race. According to evidence presented at an employment tribunal, the manager was advised that the three employees were unhappy with the way the investigation was being managed. The manager then threatened the employees, stating “if you take this further you will be in big trouble.”

The tribunal ruled this outburst as “reprehensible” and said the harassment was linked to the employees’ race. The employees were all from Africa. The tribunal also concluded that as the manager was aware the employees wanted to pursue race allegations they were subjected to harassment related to their race.

On top of racial discrimination, the three employees had claimed unfair dismissal, as they were eventually dismissed from the bakery’s production site over the unauthorised breaks and sickness.

The hearing concluded that the workers had been unfairly dismissed and had been treated differently to other staff members on the grounds of racial discrimination. The compensation award will be decided later.

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