Do you dread having difficult conversations?

Many managers will find that during some point in their role as manager, they will be involved in handling a difficult conversation or situation which has led to or could lead to conflict – whether it’s a dispute over salary, tension between employees, or having to deliver bad news; unfortunately, conflict at work is inevitable.

121 HR Solutions can help! Our popular one day workshop, Managing Difficult Conversations takes delegates through a range of techniques to help them build effective workplace relationships – starting with looking at personality types and understanding why people behave as they do.

We build skills and techniques to help our delegates confidently manage difficult conversations, understanding what a difficult conversation is and when to have it. 

We provide guidance on how to respond to and manage conflict and internal tension – looking at the various techniques and understanding when to use them and provide coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.

Ultimately, this workshop supports managers to reduce the effects of disputes in their team and build a more effective team.

Running in Glasgow on 4th October and Montrose on the 5th October, you can book your place here: Event Bookings | 121HR Solutions

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