Data Protection Complaint

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed a disconcerting trend of unwanted romantic or sexual propositions from staff at various firms who possess customers’ personal information.

The investigation found that people of all ages had been subjected to unsolicited advances. The ICO has emphasised that this practice is unequivocally against the law. Additionally, the behaviour is intimidating and inappropriate.

What makes this particularly noteworthy is both the individual employees and the companies could be held accountable for these actions. Businesses are legally obligated to handle customer data responsibly and strictly for its intended purposes. Breaching these responsibilities could lead to legal consequences for both parties involved.

ICO consequently launched a campaign to remind businesses of their duty to safeguard customer data and prevent the misuse of such information by their employees. The ICO’s efforts aim to curtail this unsettling trend and promote a safer and more respectful business environment for all consumers.

In April 2023 the ICO issued a £12,700,000 fine to TikTok for several breaches of data protection law.

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