I can’t afford to be ill!

Inevitably employees are going to unwell in working hours but it seems that many employees have stated that they cannot afford to be ill. A recent survey of over 2,000 employees across various industries found that 64% of those with in-person roles, compared to 38% remote workers attended work when they were unwell because they couldn’t afford not to.

One of the main factors contributing to this problem is the sick leave policies among businesses. According to the survey, a substantial number of employees reported having limited or no paid sick leave benefits.

A further contributing influence is the ‘presenteeism’ culture established in many workplaces. In certain business cultures, the perception that taking time off for illness is a sign of weakness or lack of dedication has contributed to employees feeling they cannot call in sick. 

The survey recommendations suggested that for those employees who push through their illness, there may be further and more concerning long-term health issues such as burnout, or physical side effects from exhaustion. Another concern may be the spread of illness within the leading to more sick employees eventually leading to issues with team dynamics, and employee morale.

There is a careful balance to be found for businesses in making modest provision to support genuinely ill employees, whilst still tacking the problem of chronic absence.  

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