Supporting employees in a cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has seen a rise in the number of individuals seeking second employment and recent research suggests that more than four million UK workers are considering taking on second jobs. This, however, may create difficulties with the main employer, and it is worth considering the effect of this on contracts of employment.

Many employers include a clause in their Contract of Employment to ensure that employees ask permission if they want to take on extra work. And some non-competition clauses may also come into effect if the employee’s second job is in the same sector as their substantive employment.

Employers have a duty of care to their employee and if there are particular concerns regarding health and safety issues, such as overtiredness in taking a second job, this may entitle an employer to withhold permission from the employee to take on a second job. 

Similarly, “side hustles” that compete with the business or cause problems can also be refused, particularly if this breaches a restrictive covenant in the contract.  

Given that this seems to be something that many employees are considering, perhaps it is time to review your contractual terms and ensure that they are explicit in the subject of second employment. Should you require a review why not contact

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