Menopause was just an excuse, claimed employer…

An office manager has won a £37,000 payout after her boss told her she used the menopause as an “excuse for everything”.

The employee stated that she was told to “just get on with it” after being off work ill due to her symptoms.  An employment tribunal heard that the employer dismissed it as “aches and pains”.  She had been employed for 28 years and described her manager as a “dinosaur” who didn’t understand changes in the modern workplace.  She said that her treatment over the years was poor and the manager didn’t like change or being challenged.

The tribunal heard that the employer accused the employee of “strolling in” when it suited her and that he had a “pet hate” of people not turning up.  The manager was blunt by nature, would speak his mind and often refer to employees who were off sick as ‘snowflakes’.

The employee told her employers that she had the menopause and was experiencing a number of “serious symptoms”.  The company paid for her to have a private assessment of her condition.  However, accusations of not being taken seriously resulted in the employee lodging a grievance about the “disdain and disgust” that she had faced.  The employee became ill due to stress then resigned from her employer and was successful in a claim for unfair dismissal and harassment, being awarded just over £37,000.

October is Menopause Awareness Month and employers are considering how they can be more progressive in supporting menopausal employees. Should you wish to seek support on implementing a menopause policy into your business, 121 HR Solutions can assist – contact

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