International Stress Awareness Day 1 November 2023

Today is International Stress Awareness Day. According to scientific research, chronic stress leads to impaired cognitive and physiological functions. Stress is something that millions of people in the UK experience and can be damaging to health and mental well-being, especially if it goes unchecked. To put International Stress Awareness Day into context, the Mental Health Foundation has said that within the last 12 months, 74% of us have felt so stressed that we didn’t know how to cope.

As an employer there are a few things you can do to offer support to your employees:

  • It should go without saying that an office should be comfortable to work in. By providing a suitable working environment, employees will feel better equipped to complete the task at hand.
  • You may also consider flexible working, allowing workers to define the work-life balance that suits their lifestyle and most productive ways of working. For example, a later start time can accommodate the morning school run, while the choice to work from home a couple of days a week can reduce any commuter stress. Just make sure to factor in face-to-face meetings on a regular basis, in order to get a clear idea of workloads.
  • Many companies now have wellness policies in place to help create a workplace culture that encourages cooperation, collaboration and well-reasoned decision making. It encourages open discussion for employees, where they can talk about their feelings and access appropriate support as and when needed. A good wellness policy is prioritised and respected by all parties.
  • A great way for employers to ensure that their team is doing well in regards to their mental health is to book regular 1-to-1 meetings, where a variety of topics can be discussed, going beyond the usual work chat.

If you would like to discuss implementing a stress risk assessment in your work place contact us on 0800 9995 121.

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