Work ‘social’ events

Whether it is a Halloween themed party, quarterly meet-up, or preparing for a Christmas do – making sure that work parties are fun and inclusive can be a challenge. Yet, research from Easy Offices suggests that 34% of UK employees avoid work socials because they know alcohol is going to be there and 43% of UK workers say they feel pressured to drink at work socials.

A good sign of a company’s inclusivity is looking at how they plan work parties. Increasingly, staff are realising too much alcohol can lead to fear of embarrassment. It is important to remember that employees who do not drink alcohol may feel excluded if every event is hosted at a pub.

To make work events more inclusive, employers may consider providing staff with alternative activities to drinking or provide a mix of non-alcohol related activities – escape rooms and events hosted outside are popular ways to do this.

Overall, the expectation to attend work ‘social’ events and the behaviour expected should be clearly outlined prior to the event and it is worth incorporating these expectations within your Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

121 HR Solutions can assist with policy updates if you feel this topic requires a more robust policy, contact us at and we can discuss.

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