Is business attire a thing of the past?

Hybrid and remote working have transformed how we dress for work, with an increasing number of workplaces embracing casual dress in the workplace.  A recent survey has revealed that the average Brit now owns the equivalent of £474 worth of trainers – which is indicative of the way we are spending money on clothing!

Businesses are being forced to reconsider what might be regarded as “acceptable” workwear and increasingly, are having to set out the requirements in a written dress code. It is important that any dress code is gender neutral and that it recognises religious and cultural requirements.  Similarly, for those businesses that wish to re-assert a “business” style dress code, this may require sensitive conversations with employees who are perceived as failing to meet the required dress code. 

A reassessment of dress code policy may well be overdue and if this is something you require to address in your workplace, perhaps this conversation should start with 121 HR Solutions, who can assist in the preparation or introduction of a Dress Code. Contact us on 0800 9995 121.

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