Sex Discrimination case awarded £31,000!

A commander within the police service has been awarded £31,000 in her sex discrimination case against her employer, having raised concerns about officers working from home during the first lockdown, while continuing to be paid.

The officers involved said they were allowed to be on stand-by from home.  She allegedly gave officers under her team a “rollicking”, and some officers lodged complaints about her behaviour, which was labelled “humiliating, intimidating and degrading”. The tribunal was presented with misogynistic WhatsApp messages from junior team members following the incident. 

The commander was transferred to a role in the police training college against her wishes. It was alleged that women within the police force have been subjected to misogynistic comments and behaviour. For example, a woman displaying ‘assertive‘ behaviour akin to males is often labelled ‘aggressive’. 

This case should be a reminder that employer should ensure education of all team members of what is perceived to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within the workplace.  There should be a safe place for all members of a team to speak up, be heard and dealt with accordingly.

Should you have any concerns over culture within the workplace and potential discrimination contact 121 HR Solutions on 0800 995 121 about educating managers.

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