Is your recruitment process effective?

A recent study has found that 52% of recruitment candidates are reluctant to attend more than two interviews in any recruitment process. On average, applicants indicated they would lose interest in a job opportunity if required to wait more than nine days for a post-interview response, with workers aged 45 and over “losing patience” after eight days.

Current demand for candidates is high and ineffective communication during the recruitment process may result in employers missing out on their ideal candidates. Where there is shortage of skilled candidates, competitors will be tussling for the same candidate, so keep candidates interested in an opportunity with streamlined hiring practices and regular and effective communication. 

Interviews should be used as an opportunity to sell the company to potential new employees and those first impressions matter for the prospective employee. Sell the benefits, perks and the positive aspects of the workplace. This can help the candidate to choose your offer over another company.

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