Gen Z and millennial employees will leave a toxic work culture

In a recent survey of 5,000 Gen Z and millennial employees, it was found that 80% would resign due to a toxic work culture. The study by Lifesum, also found that half are stressed at work most of the time, believing that their work-related stress had an impact on their personal life. 

There has been much bad press recently due to so-called “toxic” work cultures and it is vital that employees create respectful and inclusive cultures. Without a positive work-place culture, staff will fail to be committed and productive.  Effective organisational cultures underpin employee commitment, loyalty and engagement and is central to strong business performance.  A poor organisational culture also leads to disputes and employment tribunal claims, risking the employer’s reputation and affective staff turnover.

Expectations about what the workforce wants from work are rising – an inclusive workplace is important and increasingly employees will prioritise wellbeing alongside job development and flexibility.  Gen Z and millennials are energetic and want to work in a collaborative culture. According to the report, three-quarters of the respondents said they would be more productive at work if their employer improved their health and wellbeing. The research also discovered that more than half would leave work if hybrid work was not an option. 

These findings are useful for employers wishing to attract young employees – failing to provide a positive, collaborative environment where hybrid working is an option is likely to result in high levels of staff turnover!

Should you wish to discuss an engagement survey to determine if your staff are thriving in a positive working culture, 121 HR Solutions can help! Contact us on 0800 9995 121 to discuss how we can assist.

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