No longer able to “work from anywhere” – back to the office, please!

The Nationwide Building Society, who publicly championed a ‘work from anywhere’ policy following the pandemic, has now changed their view to state that employees must be office based at least two days a week.

It is believed that the change is due to difficulty in achieving the optimum mix of office and home working, leading to inconsistencies of approach across the organisation.  Back in 2021, Nationwide were one of the first employers to state that employees could be fully home-based and this prevailed until August 2022 when staff were asked to attend the office at least one day per week.

The organisation has now established a policy to ensure that their employees have as much clarity and consistency as possible.  There will be consideration of special requests, but a timeframe of four months has been declared for the transition period.  There are concerns that returning to the office will be challenging for many employees, particularly those who moved a considerable distance from their designated office during the “work from anywhere” policy period. 

The organisation is quite correctly consulting with their staff during this time and it will be interesting to see if staff turnover is affected by this change; and if the increase in productivity outweighs any disadvantage!  

121 HR Solutions would recommend that employers set working from home expectations during the recruitment process.  Contact a member of our team on 0800 9995 121 if you feel that your working from home policy requires to be revisited.

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