Employers concerned about long term absence

A fifth of employers are concerned about employees living with long-term chronic illnesses, according to industry research.  It was stated that 2.6 million of the 8.78 million economically inactive people in the UK cited long-term sickness as the reason they are not in work. 

Employers are encouraged to support their employees during times of absence including maintaining contact and requesting GP reports to discuss capability to return, reasonable adjustments to helping employees back into work. Employers who have support in place and are prepared to be flexible and accommodating, can successfully retain those who live with long-term illnesses.

Long-term sickness of four weeks or more can harm physical, mental and financial wellbeing and result in feelings of social exclusion. Therefore, employers should always remember that someone being absent due to sickness doesn’t mean that contact cannot be maintained – indeed contact from work may be welcomed, if it is appropriate and sensitive.

Should you have any concerns over absences within your workplace, contact 121 HR Solutions to discuss how to manage absence effectively. Call us on 0800 9995 121.

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