Benefits are top priority when searching for jobs

Recent research claims that employers must vary packages they offer, as nearly half of workers are dissatisfied with salary alone. The research found that 55% of 18 to 34 year-olds believe a good benefits package is the most important thing they look for when searching for a job. In comparison, 42% of the general workforce said employee benefits were a priority.

The research revealed a mismatch between the benefits offered and what workers wanted – private medical insurance was top of the list for employees, with 32% saying they wanted it. Also appearing in the top five were increased pension contributions, workplace saving schemes and discounts on high street shops and brands. 

It seems that being open to considering employee benefits might improve attraction of key candidates and may also support improved employee retention. 121 HR Solutions are experienced in conducting benchmarking exercises for clients and can determine salaries and benefits offered in similar companies and competitors.  To find out more contact us

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